EVERYTHING ALPACA: Goldie and Jim raise alpacas and produce quality hand knitted alpaca products. Alpaca fleece is machine washable, almost completely waterproof, wicks away moisture, hypoallergenic, and is not itchy. It is a specialty fiber that is stronger than mohair, finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, softer than cotton, and warmer then goose down.  Hats, scarves, socks, shoe insoles, drier balls and more. They are a member of the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool.  www.Facebook.com/EverythingAlpacaNH

FIREFLY FIELDS: Mike and Jen create baking mixes to make your baking easier. Try samples of their cornbread, chocolate cake, and brownies. You'll become a fan! They also make spice mixes and marinades to enhance your meat, fish, chicken, and veggie dishes. fireflyfields@gmail.com; www.Facebook.com/fireflyfieldsnh 

G3 BAKING: Bob bakes a large variety of goodies each week, some gluten free; scones, muffins, donuts, quick breads, fudge, brownies, cookies, English muffins and more. He also sells locally roasted Parker House coffee. He loves to experiment and bring new creations to the market. G3baking@gmail.com

HULDA'S SWEDISH BAKED GOODS: Jennifer and David are a father/daughter team whose specialty is Swedish baked goods. They use recipes that have been in their family for many generations including Limpa - a rye bread made with anise and orange zest that is sweet and savory. They also bake traditional vetebrock which is a yeast dough that is used for their cardamon braids and dinner rolls. They also bake pepparkakor which is a delicious ginger spice cookie. www.facebook.com/hulda'sswedishbabakedgoods.com;    www.swedishbakers.com

LAKONIAN OLIVE OIL LLC: Likourgos and his sister, Penny, process their quality extra virgin olive oil in NH using olives they pick themselves from their family farm in the province of Laconia  in Greece. This farm has been in their family since 1930.  NO HERBICIDES OR PESTICIDES EVER! They also sell olives. www.lakonianoliveoil.com

LEDGE TOP FARM: (Tom is another founding member of our farmers market 40 years ago.) He grows mixed vegetables year round in heated greenhouses. All organic standards are followed. Only natural products are used for plant nutrition and pest control. He grows raspberries, basil, mint, chives, rhubarb, cucumbers, beets, celery, garlic, cherry tomatoes, Kennebec white potatoes, sweet red peppers, winter squash, arugula, pea shoots (the tender tops of new peas), Brussel sprouts, cabbage, and lettuce mix. He is a member of Certified Naturally Grown. www.ledgetopfarm.com;   www.facebook.com/ledge_top_farm.com

LIBERTY FISH: Colleen sells a variety of day-cut quality seafood. Depending on availability she sells the following: haddock, swordfish, tuna, sea scallops (dry), halibut filets, wild salmon, Norwegian farm salmon, bluefish, and flounder. www.Libertyfish.net; libertyfish@icloud.com

LONE WOLF CHEESE: Susan uses the milk from her Jersey cow to make her cheeses. Gouda, Scottish Cheddar (a Scottish recipe, sharp and good), Mountain Jack (A Jack cheese rubbed with chipotle pepper, roasted garlic, and olive oil with banana peppers, and chocolate cheddar. She also makes 

MOLA FOODS: Jeanette uses spices found around the world to create her unique mix of spice blends. She also sells hot sauces, relishes and more to enhance the taste of your meals. www.facebook.com/molachilirelish; www.molafoods.com; molafoods@gmail.com

MY LITTLE APOTHECARY: Kat makes herbal remedies, teas, salves, tinctures, and syrup in small batches using only simple natural ingredients. The products are tailored to cold & flu season. Elderberry is a popular and clinically proven way to boost the immune system during the winter months and can be enjoyed as a syrup, tincture, extract, tea, and elixir. www.mylittleapothecary.com;  www.facebook.com/mylittleapothecary

PARADISE FARM LLC: Wayne and Adrienne raise Scottish Highland cattle, Nubian goats, pigs, Romney sheep, Muscovi duck, chicken, turkeys, and bees. They sell 100% grass-fed beef, lamb, pork. roaster chicken, duck, goat milk, honey, maple syrup, goat milk soaps, jams, bee skin cream, beeswax candles, sheep pelts, greenspun (processed free of chemicals) roving and yarn. They also have many fruit trees and bushes and currently sell apples and raspberries. www.paradisefarmnh.com;   www.facebook.com/paradisefarmnh.com

QUARTER MOON FARM: Cindy sells black garlic, black garlic vinaigrette, and white balsamic vinaigrette. Black garlic is a fermented raw garlic and it's packed with nutrients. It is chewable, spreadable, and edible. It has twice the health benefits as conventional garlic without the pungent sulphur taste. www.loveblackgarlic.com

SIMPLE PLEASURES: Kim is a talented cook who makes delicious home made soups for each market. She also bakes Finnish sweetbread and other kinds of breads; pies, brioche buns, Nisu, cookies, biscotti, muffins, scones, caramel puffs, whoops pies and more. 


SYNERGY FARM: Jack and Mike make a wide assortment of skin care products many of which are made with goat milk; soaps, shower gels, creams and lotions, beard oils, sugar scrubs and more. www.synergyfarmproducts.com;  www.facebook.com/synergysoaps&lotions